Essay About Where to Buy Lego Bricks in Bulk

Buying Bulk Legos

When you have built all the big lego sets and start to freelance and make your own creations (MOC), you find the need to buy lots of lego, and buying lego in bulk is a great way to go.

When I buy legos in bulk, I first must think of what I am building and the need. Do I need certain colors because I’m constructing a castle or green legos because I need lots of trees. Am I building Star Wars sets and just need a bunch of Star Wars legos. Maybe I need a bunch of stormtrooper figures to complete an army.

Either way, I look to buy bulk Lego a couple of different ways, by pieces, by pounds, or as predefined group sets, through places like eBay, Craigslist, and through members of lego train clubs (LTC) and Lego U Groups (LUG).

eBay, Craigslist, Goodwill

When buying lego bricks in bulk, my go to places are

  • On eBay I am typically looking for sellers who want to get rid of their whole collection and will typically list bricks by the pound.
  • On Craigslist also look for garage and estate sales that have a big box of bricks. These will cost less than completed sets.
  • The Goodwill online store has become a great side to find large collections of legos that are a tad bit less than those found on eBay

Lego Base Plates

When your building a large MOC lego structure, the base is the most important. So investing in a few lego base plates makes a whole lot of sense. These will get you started, but I would suggest covering a 4 foot by 4 foot piece of plywood with your base plates.

Bulk lego bricks by Genre

You can also find bulk lego bricks in the various genre categories like, lord of the rings, pirates of the caribbean, the hobbit, star wars, harry potter, trains, city, castle, and indiana jones. Most of these logs are found via eBay. Search for terms like LBS or POUNDS.

Buy Bulk Legos by the Pound

One way to buy legos in bulk is through eBay by searching for terms like “bulk legos” and “lego lbs”. When buying legos by the pound, look for more than 1 pound, usually you can find 20 lbs or 30 lbs for sale.

Bulk Bricks by Color

Another way to buy bulk legos is to buy a certain color. You can easily search for other colors like blue, yellow, white, black, grey, almost any color you can think of.

Lot of Lego Minifigs

The right lego minifigure can make your creation that much more appealing. I love it when I can put a unique spin on a set of legos. A bunch of storm troopers riding a ferris wheel is very appealing to me. A lot of pirates watching a soccer game, how about a bunch of astronauts sitting around a campfire. The key is to find them in bulk or large lots. eBay is the place I go to find the ones I’m looking for.