Essay About How to Get Rid of Pimples & Scars: Help for Acne Clear Skin

Acne or pimples on face and body is displeasing for many during the teenage. Sometimes they are painful, bleeding or even more ooze pus which leave the face with an unsightly appearance.

Some of them even leave a permanent scar behind. So, all the girls and boys at their stage of youth and movies and television stars who are very much concerned of their facial appearance are scary about pimples eruption. We run for different external pimple care tips with an assumption that the problem lies in external solution. But the problem has to be approached and also solved from within.

A blind fold belief is that the more worried a person about the acne clear skin, the more he is prone to suffer from acne :-). In reality the acne or pimple formation can happen for anyone when he or she is prone to it.

Acne Secrets: Why Do Pimples Erupt?

The causes of Acne eruption is not due to one single reason but is caused by many reasons. It seems that there are also multiple reasons involved for every individual in their pimple eruption. So, if you take treatment focused on one particular reason, you will not get complete relief from this problem. This is why doctors or physicians advice measures like washing face frequently, drinking plenty of water etc. with an intention to control multiple causes like bacteria, dust, sebum excess etc.

Causes of Acne

The basic causes of acne include

1. Clogging of pores of the skin by dead cells glued by sebumDead cells that are removed by exfoliation on the skin surface are believed to get glued due to sebum and block the pores leading to accumulation of sebum, dirt and also stagnate bacteria.

2. Bacterial infection and inflammation: The acne-causing bacteria which are present in the clogged pores can enhance inflammation and thereby cause redness, swelling and also pus formation by pimples.

3. Severe dust and uncleanliness of the body: It is seen that people with uncleanliness, irregular bathing intervals and also those exposed to dusty environments like in mines, farms are more prone to pimples on their skin.

4. Severe hormonal disturbancesAcne or pimple formation is prominent around teenagers and subsides as the age grows. This is the age where sex hormones are in full swing and vigor. So pimple formation is influenced by menstrual cycles in girls, during pregnancy in women, etc. Even sebaceous glands in the human body present all over the skin secrete high amount of sebum due to heat and other stimulants like tea, coffee, etc which cause pimples.

Inducers/stimulator’s of acne: We observe that not all the people at their youth are prone to pimples. This indicates several reasons for pimple formation. The prominent among them are

Hereditary aspects which might be the reason for the pimple prone skin, climate especially hot weathers as in summer, mental stress during the workplace, etc, improper diet due to regular travels or shift works, body heating foods like chicken, excessive sexual indulgence, etc. are the some of the inducers or stimulators of pimple formation.

Acne Scar Removal

Mederma Advanced Scar Gel – 1x Daily – Reduces The Appearance of Old & New Scars – #1 Doctor & Pharmacist Recommended Brand for Scars – 1.76oz.A definite remedy for acne or other scars. Has to be applied 2 to 3 times a day. Some people are prone to be allergic to the product. So check before you continue for long use of 2 months or so.

Acne Help: Getting Rid of Acne

Identify any food combinations like tea, coffee, meat, smoking, etc which you consume may be triggering acne. A better decrease in sexual intercourse and masturbation frequency,

Have plenty of water, water levels in the body help remove waste from the body and also provide sufficient skin hydration which can reduce acne formation.

wash your face at proper regularly at intervals and also as soon as you return home from outside. This helps remove any dust on the skin which can enhance the acne. Acne wash or cleanser products can be used besides for better results.

Have proper nutrition but decrease the salt and also oil content in them to control acne. While Vitamin-A is useful in acne treatment, Vitamin-B complex consumption helps decrease in blemish formation on the face and other body regions.

Have sufficient sleeping proper and sufficient sleep relieves stress and aids in a decrease in acne or pimple formation.

Avoid dandruff on your scalp. Because it is seen that the sufferers of dandruff are more prone to acne.

Don’t prick pimples as they can leave a tough scar. Natural healing helps scar less recovery.

The use of external anti-acne applications like ointment, solutions, creams to get rid of acne are advisable but also try to provide support from internal body measures as described above for effective acne treatment.

If the pimples are so profuse on the face and of long-standing then this might clearly indicate hormonal disturbance besides severe stress. This type of problem requires a decrease in stress by a proper body massage with essential oils. This should be tried in the guidance of an expert like an Ayurveda practitioner or natural therapist.

Getting Rid of Acne Scars

The problem of after acne is more severe than acne itself. So getting rid of acne or pimple scars is a crucial requirement for better appearance.

But before we go into methods to remove scars lets understand a scar.

Scars are formed in the healing process of wounds on the skin. The scars with less intensity fade away or mix up with skin complexion faster while those with greater intensity take more years to fade off.

But the scar intensity depends on factors like the depth and also diameter of the wound. The more deeper and larger diameter of the wound, the greater is the intensity of scar and also time taken to heal.

Therefore if the acne formed on your skin are prone to infection, inflammation and pus then the wound formed is deeper and of larger diameter leading to intense unsightly scars.

So tips to clear acne scars are that

a) Follow the steps to prevent acne.

b) If acne are formed don’t prick them or rupture them.

c) Treat the acne formed immediately with mild acne creams or solutions without damagin the skin.

d) Keeping the face clean and decrease of oil, salt in diet and stress decrease the probability to form large inflamed pimples.

How to clear acne scars:

As times runs the scars fade of but to hasten the process

1) use of natural anti-oxidant topical preparation made of lemon juice, egg white, cucumber, honey, Vitamin-E for direct topical massage is recommended.

2) Further if scars are intense and unsightly you can go for professional help for techniques like Laser Resurfacingskin-abrasion, augmentation, subcision. It is better to use an experts help than to try on your own. But they can offer you a permanent solution.

Laser resurfacing is also a method known as laser acne removal. In this method of acne removal, Laser beam from a laser pen is used to vaporise the unwanted tissue. The new epithelial layer grow in place of removed tissue. The procedure is used for removal of pimples and also their scars.

Microdermabrasion is another technique to remove both pimples and their marks. This procedure involves superficial skin layer abrasion and also vacuum suction to remove dirt from clogged pores. This technique is efficient and safer.

These are the few tips on getting rid of acne & scars for clear skin.