Essay About Drinking Apple Cider Each Day May Keep the Doctor Away

A Glass of Apple Cider Is as Beneficial as an Apple

It’s that time of year again for hayrides and apple cider. This beverage, however. is more than a season drink and is actually quite healthy. Most everyone has heard the old adage of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. What you may not be aware of is that drinking apple cider can yield the same benefits as eating apples. If you indulge in apple cider during the fall and winter seasons, you should know that it can be delicious and also a nutritious drink. You can also drunk it year round if you can find it.

In case you never understood the difference between cider and juice, here is the breakdown. Apple cider is the raw, unfiltered juice from apples. This product is created by mashing fresh apples until they obtain the consistency of applesauce. The mush is wrapped in cloth and put into wooden racks. It is then squeezed through a hydraulic press and if served unfiltered you have obtained cider. If the liquid is filtered and the pulp and sediment are removed, you then have apple juice. The pulp is where the nutrients reside and this is why cider is healthier than juice. There are 10 specific benefits that you will get from drinking apple cider.

Ten Reasons Apple Cider Is Good for You

1. A study from the University of Massachusetts concluded that apple cider may improve cognitive skills because of its high level of antioxidants. This is great news for aging adults who may be dealing with short term memory loss and are concerned with cognitive decline as they grow older.

2. Apple cider has antioxidant flavanoids which have been shown in studies to prevent heart disease, cancer, and decrease risk for type II diabetes.

3. The fiber in apple cider keeps the digestive system flowing and can prevent constipation.

4. Fiber also helps maintain heart health as well as weight which may prevent obesity.

5, Apple cider has polyphenols that may play a role in preventing cancer heart disease. Cider has about 10 times the polyphenols as apple juice.

6. Apples and cider have pectin which has been proven from studies to absorb bad cholesterol.

7. An eight-ounce glass of apple cider counts as two servings of fruit. This helps you with obtaining your recommended daily allowance.

8. Potassium improves muscle strength and promotes heart health. Eight ounces of apple cider has four percent of the potassium that is needed daily.

9. Vitamin C is beneficial for the immune system and one glass of cider offers six percent. A healthy immune system can reduce the risk of colds and flu.

10. Iron is important for brain and blood function. A glass of cider has about two percent of the iron that is needed each day.

Hot or Cold Apple Cider Is Delicious

You can drink apple cider hot or cold, either way, it is delicious. A mug of hot cider on a cool day can make you feel much better. You can add nutmeg, orange slices, a cinnamon stick or a clove to improve the taste and help you get into the holiday feeling for the season. You can heat up your cider using a pot on the top of the stove or putting a mug in the microwave for about two minutes. Today I had a glass of cold cider for lunch and a cup of hot cider with my evening meal.

Apple cider is a seasonal product but you may be able to purchase it all year by checking with your local farmer’s market, natural foods store or an apple orchard. Cider will not be in demand all year so supplies may be limited. Apple cider has 120 calories per eight-ounce glass and contains no fat or added sugar. If you don’t like raw apples, then consider cider instead of apple juice.

Please be advised that in some states apple cider may also be unpasteurized which may cause it to ferment over time. In other states, there is no difference between juice and cider except the labeling. True apple cider will have a thicker consistency than juice and may look cloudy. Once you have had a few drinks of this beverage, your taste buds should be able to tell the difference.