Essay About A Letter from 2018 Me

Future Self Version 2.0

I was looking at my notes, and I found a letter from my 2018 self. I wrote this letter when I was at my lowest while also reviewing for my Board Licensure Examination for Psychologists and Psychometrician (BLEPP) back in 2018. The early part of 2018 was also hard for me. I have experienced heartaches, and heart-breaks. I lost friends along the way. I had constant breakdowns from time to time. I keep on wishing and praying to God to stop the pain. I remember the times when I was crying in my room while singing a Christian song, “Take these mountain weights, take these ocean tears.”.

They say pain changes people. Looking back, those setbacks, and breakdowns prepared me for my breakthroughs. If one door closes, another one opens, and another one opens. I became a Registered Psychometrician and met the love of my life that same year. I met people who helped me get back on track. I reconnected with old friends, and they’re the best people I could ever ask for. Once you cut off toxic people from your life, the right ones will come knocking at your door, without you even trying. I wasn’t the person two years ago. I keep on changing, I keep on choosing growth. I no longer let the past affect me. I thank God for everything that has happened to me. The bad days and the good days all make sense now.

So, here’s the letter from 2018 me. All I can say is that Present me and Future me will always be proud of the Past me.

‘Future Self version 2.0

Dear Future Self,

I can’t wait for the day that I’m going to make you proud. I can’t wait to see you. You’re going to places you could not even imagine. You’re going to cry, laugh while reading books, or watching movies and series. You’re going to eat your heart out and enjoy every minute of life. You’re going to meet new people. You’re going to make friends again. You’re going to pass the board exam. Soon to be RPm! You’re going to meet the love of your life soon.

While waiting for these moments, allow me to pick up your broken pieces and make you whole. Allow me to fix you. Allow me to heal you. Wait this one sounds better, allow God to pick up your broken pieces and make you whole. Allow God to fix you. Allow God’s love to heal you, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Please don’t let the pain of the past keep you from today’s happiness. You’re doing good great than you thought. There may be days that you’ll feel like you’re not making any progress, please don’t look back. A progress is still a progress. You are a work in progress. You’ve come so far. And remember you are resilient. Don’t let this world fool you that you are alone, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. There maybe days that you’ll feel like you are weak, remember YOU ARE STRONG (Phil.4:13).

There maybe days that you’ll feel like you are not important, you’re not loved, you’re not worthy, and you don’t matter, remind yourself: YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU MATTER. There maybe days that you’ll feel like you’re not beautiful, guess what, YOU’RE BEYOND BEAUTIFUL.

Even when life keeps on throwing things at you, remember that God is on your side. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. You may fail and fall from time to time, but know that God will always lift you up. Let this be your everyday mantra.

Life doesn’t stop for you just because people stop being part of your life. You are better off without them. Choose people who choose you. Appreciate those who stayed. You will never be enough for the wrong people, but for the right ones, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

You’re going to be the best version of yourself. Better than you were. Keep on growing and blooming, future self. You have so much to give. Keep on shining. Keep on being you. You’re doing pretty great.

I hope I’m making you proud.

With so much love,

Present Self’