Essay About When Your Pets Died.....What Did You Do With the Body?

When Our Pets Died, We All Think of Their Final Resting Place

When my Pissy suddenly died after less than a week of medication, aside from deep mourning of her lost, I was not totally prepared as to where to bring her body, the easiest and cheapest option was to dig a few meters deep at my garden but the problem at that time was, finding someone to do the job, I thought of bringing the body to a pet cemetery but at those time I know I will have a hard time to find Cobs or taxi that can accommodate a human with dead pet in his vehicle.

Pet Funeral Service by Pet Valley Philippines

Though still grieving I know I can’t remain crying the whole day, and I need to decide immediately on where to bring Pissy’s body. I chose cremation because after the process Pissy will still go home to me, thou in another form already but at least she is still home… and talking of convenience, I can always bring her remains in case I decided to transfer to a new residence, or still bring it with me in my casket when I died (this will be my last request to my relatives just in case). Coordinating with Pet Valley representative was a lot lighter than I expected. Doc Manny picked up Pissy’s body from my home without asking for deposit or promissory note… He said it was not time to discuss payment with someone who was grieving, and they have big respects for pet owners who love their pets until the end.

As a memorabilia of Pissy, included in her funeral package was clay that has her pawprints, a small box that has her fur, and a picture frame where Pissy’s photos during happier times will be placed. Aside from that was a farewell card from Pissy which has her last picture. She was actually dead in that photo but they made her appear like she was just sleeping..all of those were placed in one small frame (pictures posted).

I am still sad about Pissy’s departure from my life, and although the memorabilia lessen the pain, it still cannot equal the real Pissy… But who am I to go against the will of God? He is just recalling one of his angels that he sent me, at least Pissy is still here with me.

Please share what you did with your pets’ remains, I believe this is also our way to promote love for animals and campaign against cruelty to them.

After six years, June of 2016, My dear dog Peso died of old age complications. This dog that bravely survived Perineal Hernia, did not survive old age.