Essay About Bread Baskets

Bread Baskets for your Table

A bread basket is designed to hold those delightful dinner rolls. Often passed around the table, this basket is a unique serving piece. A cloth napkin often lines the container to keep the crumbs in the basket and the bread warm. I searched for years for just the right bread basket for my Holiday family meals. The best china was being used at these meals and an appropriate basket for my bread was essential.

Easy Bread Baskets

One Christmas, I received a cheerful bundle of perfumes and lotions in an appealing basket decorated with a bow and some greenery. After removing the products, I wanted to use the basket again. It struck me that this basket was perfect for serving bread and it was FREE! Looking around my house, I saw other similar baskets I could use during special meals.

Rummaging through my dining room linens, I found some colorful cloth napkins to line the basket and another to cover the bread to keep it warm. Voila, a bread basket. This container was large enough to hold at least a dozen rolls. The handle was sturdy and the presentation was appealing.

Recently, I took muffins to a potluck dinner. Lining my basket with cloth, I covered the muffins with a colorful dishcloth. My muffin basket brightened up the potluck table.

Make Your Own Bread Basket

To construct a bread basket, begin with an appealing moderate sized basket. I prefer a basket with a handle that can be passed around the table. Do you have fancy hand towels, linen napkins, or elaborate dish towels for liners? If you don’t have something appropriate, visit a Dollar Store or Fabric Store for material to line and cover your basket. Don’t be afraid to use color appropriate for the occasion or season.

Check your ribbon supply and find a ribbon or bow for your basket. Be creative. Use a glue gun to add interesting additions to your bow to make it unique such as buttons, greenery, beads, wooden flowers, etc. Your guests will appreciate your efforts and your creation will add fun to your special dinner!

With Christmas around the corner, make a bread basket for a gift. Use your creative skills for a relative or friend. For additional fun, add a loaf of bread or cookies to your basket! Place your cookies or bread in a large freezer bag and cover with a cloth or napkin. The recipient will love your special handmade gift! Use your new idea for birthday, Easter, or the Fourth of July!